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Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3725, Friday 1 February 2019 [SPOILERS]
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Profiling season 10 : first photo of Shy m on the set
Cinema : Honey full head, Us, Sunset… The movies of the week

Daniel Radcliffe : "The world of Miracle Workers remind me of the movies Pixar" [INTERVIEW]

“Miracle Workers”, the new series from the creator of “Man Seeking Woman” with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, starts tonight on Warner TV. We had the chance to meet the former star of”Harry Potter” on the set of this comedy heaven. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. In Miracle Workers, the new series from the creator of Man Seeking Woman, which debuts this Saturday, march 30 at 20h55 on Warner TV, Daniel Radcliffe embodies Craig, an angel of the bottom of the scale who, accompanied by his new colleague, Eliza, stands in the face of a God démissionnairee to prove to him that humanity is worth being saved. God then accepts the bet and gives them two weeks to accomplish a miracle : to help two humans to fall in love. Otherwise the Earth will be destroyed. AlloCiné has had the chance to be the only French media invited to visit the set of the series in February 2018, near Atlanta, in the company of a handful of american journalists. The opportunity to meet the team of Miracle Workers and ask a few questions to Daniel Radcliffe between the two scenes. What is it that drew you to Miracle Workers when you proposed this project ? Daniel Radcliffe : I had really wanted to work with Simon Rich [the creator of the series, editor’s note], and this, I hope, for years to come. He has a creative mind amazing and I was already a big fan of his work and its new. What always makes me afraid to television it is that we must often accept to commit on a project with only having read the script for the pilot. This is something that seems to me completely crazy. The fact of not knowing in what direction could go the series don’t provide certainty to costs not really. But I had no doubts about Simon. I had the certainty that he would find great ideas and that he would know where to go. And this is not denied. I know that the next season will not play in Paradise. The framework will be totally different. The final Miracle Workers look kind of like a long movie, and once finished you throw it in the trash and moving on to something very different during the next season. This aspect anthological has really helped to dispel all my fears. I’ve never had to tell me “Oh I’m going to have to play the same character again and again during very long time,” because in reality I’m going to play as a different character each season. In this first season you play as Craig, an angel who is trying to perform a miracle to convince God to give one last chance to humanity. What is it that has intrigued you in this character ? The series is the adaptation of the novel by Simon Rich: so overall Craig is very close to what it is in the book. It may be a little more nervous and neurotic, and I think it is something that came to the writers once they knew that I was going to interpret the character (laughs). And I think in a certain way, which I liked, is that there is a real parallel between Craig and me, we are similar in some levels. And at the same time, Craig also works as an avatar of Simon in the story. Therefore it is his creation, his character, but I think there’s a bit of both of us at Craig. But beyond the character, this really is the universe created by Simon who I immediately liked. It is a universe that reminds me at times of the movies Pixar. Simon has written for Pixar, The Simpsons, and even if I turn here for several weeks already, I still have the impression to be in an animated movie Pixar, which reminds me a little of Vice Versa. Beyond a great story and excellent characters, there is a certain complexity and is a playfulness in this universe which we want to spend more time to see how every thing works. I think it’s great, as a viewer, when a series is so successful, so dominant, that it makes us want to return to the breast of his universe to interact with his characters. Warner TV Is what we discover in the course of the season how Craig has won this work in Heaven Inc. ? I don’t think this is mentioned, not. Each person inherits a position to chance when it comes to Paradise. And the very fact of access or non in Paradise is also part of the chance. At any given time during the season, Eliza is trying to gather the troops and said to his playmates : “come on guys, we’re in Paradise, it means that we are part of what humanity has to offer”. And someone answers him “no, No, it doesn’t work like that, it’s just chance”. I think this is what Simon loved to do with this series. He wanted to play with the image of Paradise that people could have, the twist. But back to your question, I think that Craig has just inherited this work randomly and ended up there please. How do you think that the public that follows you from Harry Potter will be hosting this new series which seems to resemble anything that we have already been able to see on television ? We just hope that the series will find its audience and that people will enjoy what they see. What I find super in the series is that it takes place in a world that is incredibly creative, amazing, and fun. And I think that it is very strong and that it can give the desire to people watch. I’m not trying to compare the series to Harry Potter, but I think that is also what has made the success of Harry Potter. We wanted to spend time in this universe. The fans had wanted to return incessantly, and to discover more each time. I think it is a bit the same thing with the Miracle Workers. Even if there is a little black humour, I find that Miracle Workers is, overall, a very joyful, that warms the heart. What is not so common these days, where it seems to me that it is difficult to find a comedy that is not full of cynicism or malice. There’s a lot of love in this series. Sometimes you watch a comedy and you can’t help to say, “My god, I have the impression that the authors hate their characters,” it is a little strange. But this is not the case here. Simon is deeply in love with his characters. Just take the example of God. It is totally crazy and Steve Buscemi incarnates so childish. But in spite of this portrait, not always flattering, which is made of God, one feels that the writers like him a lot. And I hope that it’s going to feel. I really think that people will take pleasure in watching the series. The trailer of Miracle Workers, which begins tonight on Warner TV : Miracle Workers – season 1 teaser (2) VO

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Tomorrow belongs to us : a plot about a character who is transgender coming soon to the heart of the series [EXCLUDED]
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Rita and Machin : "Delight of simple situations of everyday life"
Vernon Subutex : the event series will be presented in avant-première at the festival Canneséries

The OA : a trailer for the season 2 expected in march on Netflix

The OA, the series is fantastic and moving to Netflix, will make its grand return on march 22. Discover without further delay the first images of season 2. It has been over two years that we were waiting for the return of The OA, the wonderful series created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling for Netflix. The duo wanted to take his time to develop and turn this season 2, which will finally be unveiled on the 22nd of march next. And to reward our patience, Netflix has unsheathed a first trailer that meets from the first seconds to one of the questions left unanswered : Prairie she managed to get to the other side ? This season 2 of The OA takes on a whole new direction since Hap and his subjects have managed to reach a parallel dimension, thanks to the different movements that they learned during their sudden death. As to Meadow, who is trying to find Homer (Emory Cohen), she succeeded thanks to Steve, Betty and the others. Remains to be seen whether the two lovers are transported to the same time period. This season will introduce new characters, including the inspector Karim Washington (played by Kingsley Ben-Adir). #TheOA Part II will premiere March 22 — KEY ART: — See What’s Next (@seewhatsnext) February 27, 2019 to be Impossible in any case to understand the full meaning of this trailer raises many questions. But it was included with The OA, it is mostly a visual experience, sound and metaphysics. It will be necessary to wait until the end of march to immerse yourself in this fascinating world.

Plus belle la vie : what you can expect in the episode 3755 Friday, march 15, 2019 [SPOILERS]
Captain Marvel exceeds 150 million dollars in revenue for his debut at the box-office US !

Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the teaser promises that the episode 11 will be the strongest of the season

Check out the teaser of episode 11 of season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, advertised as the “most high”, which should be centered on the delicate operation of Catherine… find out in our player above the teaser of the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy , which will be released next week. Catherine is going to be operated on for his cancer and Richard and Jackson are crazy anxiety. The operation, performed by Amelia and Koracick , looks particularly delicate, and we are promised the episode “the strongest” of the season. In the light of the images of Richard, which seems to pray to the sky and Jackson, with tears in their eyes to be torn from the arms of Maggie, he announced that he was in any case rich in emotions. The episode 11 of season 15, entitled ” The Winner Takes It All, will be released on Thursday, January 31, on ABC, and then in the US+24 sur MYTF1VOD.

The Haunting of Hill House : season 2-officially commissioned by Netflix
Annecy 2019 : the Playmobil will open the festival

Plus belle la vie : summary what you can expect in the episode 3762 Tuesday 26 march 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “More beautiful the life”… The disability of Luna takes on new proportions; Thérèse and Gabriel change their behavior in a radical way; Jerome puts Kevin on a false track. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! A disappointment of a size for Luna, Despite the advice of Mouss, Luna does not feel pleasure in touching. The young patient suggested to him to ask for help to a friend… Francesco, always quick to make herself useful, accepts the request of Luna. But it has beautiful give heart to the book, Luna is bored… In addition to his legs, he understands that she has also lost the ability to enjoy. Find the way to reconnect with his feelings ? Gabriel and Teresa keep their promise Transformed by their captivity, and having been close to death, Gabriel and Theresa make surprising claims for their families, faithful to their promise to each other to change behaviour. Gabriel refuses to lodge a complaint against Judith, as his revenge almost cost them their lives, it is up to him to ask forgiveness for having sermonnée after the death of his daughter in the hospital. Teresa, she, rule, finally, his accounts with the Baptist, making him understand that she was always far too invested for him. Now, she needs to cut the cord with this big brother, too imposing. She’ll enjoy it for the fun of it before his departure for London, and this is not Michael, the handsome firefighter-rescuer who took care of it, who will say the opposite… Jerome leads his son by boat Kévin does not support that his father refuses to file a complaint after being attacked by Syd. He begs him to show him the location of his hideout, but Jerome is afraid that Kevin will be exposed to the danger. Jenny is not more talkative, and refuses to help Lisa after he has left. At the insistence of his son, Jerome ends up giving him a fake address to the squat… Franck warns that this lie can break the trust that Kévin him.

Game of Thrones : how Jerome Flynn / Bronn responded by finding the end
The Lord of the rings : the biopic Tolkien unveils a new trailer epic

Mike on OCS Max Boublil "wanted to do a series without limit, which goes very far…"

Meeting with Max Boublil, hero and co-creator of the series “Mike”, which is currently broadcast on OCS… AlloCiné : How is born the desire to give birth to this hero loser there and more widely this series there,that you have co-created and co-written with Frédéric Hazan ? I’m a huge fan of the series and I wanted to laugh, to make Frederic a series where we would all. Because we can’t do that today. We decided to let go and to make a series that goes very far ! We also wanted to do the gags that we wanted to see. So I co-wrote the series with Frédéric Hazan, who carried it out. I am involved in many aspects of the series, knowing that we had an economy that is very limited. We did the maximum what we could with what we had. The pace was effrené with fourteen minutes useful per day. This motivates, you want to go back to the basics and you have to know your text. How would you describe your hero and his entourage just very particular… Max Boublil : Mike is a guy who only makes bad choices, which is self-destructive, who listens a lot more with his crotch than his head and finds herself in quite grotesque situations (I like that word !). It is surrounded by a gallery of characters who are all screwed up, losers. It is shared with the one who made him office manager : a man who has to manage his career while he is more fit to wear drops, and to connect the jacks, and that is also a driver for Uber on the side because it is necessary to eat well. Mike admires a singer, Philippe Katerine the true, who’s going to become horrible with him. He has parents that are crazy, a father of hypnosis, and a mother who is an alcoholic and that makes the pistol shoot with her daughter at him. It is, therefore, surrounded by the people who are crazy and screwed up, and he himself is crazy and screwed up. It should be noted that on the guests, we have dreamed of people either Richard Berry to be my father or Philippe Katerine, and they came because they wanted to laugh with us, and what writing they liked. Finally around Mike there was his daughter, who is much more mature than him. She was eleven years old, but fortunately it is there, otherwise it would be gone in a spin even more. She brings him back to the concrete, reality. This is the only person he listens to and that he really loves. The young Liona Bordonaro is also THE revelation of the series… It’s hard to play a child who does not play, cabotine not, inasmuch as he is made to say things a little hard. She is right, she plays right, she is beautiful. A true revelation indeed. A season 2 for “Mike” is it already planned ? Everyone talks about season 2, it is of course open, this will depend on the reception of the public. What would you say to that public, just to give him a desire to see the series? I will tell them : if you really want to laugh, if you’re not afraid to see them from time to time in the trash, and if you like the humour a little provocative, look at the series Mike ! In the meantime, here are a few pictures… Mike – season 1 trailer VF