Mike on OCS Max Boublil "wanted to do a series without limit, which goes very far…"

Meeting with Max Boublil, hero and co-creator of the series “Mike”, which is currently broadcast on OCS… AlloCiné : How is born the desire to give birth to this hero loser there and more widely this series there,that you have co-created and co-written with Frédéric Hazan ? I’m a huge fan of the series and I wanted to laugh, to make Frederic a series where we would all. Because we can’t do that today. We decided to let go and to make a series that goes very far ! We also wanted to do the gags that we wanted to see. So I co-wrote the series with Frédéric Hazan, who carried it out. I am involved in many aspects of the series, knowing that we had an economy that is very limited. We did the maximum what we could with what we had. The pace was effrené with fourteen minutes useful per day. This motivates, you want to go back to the basics and you have to know your text. How would you describe your hero and his entourage just very particular… Max Boublil : Mike is a guy who only makes bad choices, which is self-destructive, who listens a lot more with his crotch than his head and finds herself in quite grotesque situations (I like that word !). It is surrounded by a gallery of characters who are all screwed up, losers. It is shared with the one who made him office manager : a man who has to manage his career while he is more fit to wear drops, and to connect the jacks, and that is also a driver for Uber on the side because it is necessary to eat well. Mike admires a singer, Philippe Katerine the true, who’s going to become horrible with him. He has parents that are crazy, a father of hypnosis, and a mother who is an alcoholic and that makes the pistol shoot with her daughter at him. It is, therefore, surrounded by the people who are crazy and screwed up, and he himself is crazy and screwed up. It should be noted that on the guests, we have dreamed of people either Richard Berry to be my father or Philippe Katerine, and they came because they wanted to laugh with us, and what writing they liked. Finally around Mike there was his daughter, who is much more mature than him. She was eleven years old, but fortunately it is there, otherwise it would be gone in a spin even more. She brings him back to the concrete, reality. This is the only person he listens to and that he really loves. The young Liona Bordonaro is also THE revelation of the series… It’s hard to play a child who does not play, cabotine not, inasmuch as he is made to say things a little hard. She is right, she plays right, she is beautiful. A true revelation indeed. A season 2 for “Mike” is it already planned ? Everyone talks about season 2, it is of course open, this will depend on the reception of the public. What would you say to that public, just to give him a desire to see the series? I will tell them : if you really want to laugh, if you’re not afraid to see them from time to time in the trash, and if you like the humour a little provocative, look at the series Mike ! In the meantime, here are a few pictures… Mike – season 1 trailer VF

Sam : a season 4 already commissioned by TF1

The series “Sam”, including the season 3 ends tonight on TF1, will be back next year for a season 4 already commissioned by the string that will be the heroine planted by Natacha Lindinger confront his past. Julien Cauvin/Authentic Prod/TF1 Good news for fans of Sam : the most rock’n’roll of the teachers of French has not said its last word. While TF1 broadcasts tonight the last two episodes of season 3, the chain has confirmed to us have already ordered a season 4, for which shooting will begin in the paris region in April and last until early August, for delivery to the likely beginning of 2020. This fourth season, which will have eight episodes, will of course be always worn by Natacha Lindinger and should see a resurgence of Sam’s past, if one believes the synopsis official unveiled by the production company Authentic Prod : “Healed, Sam, more rebellious than ever, intends to live life to the fullest. But the return of Antoine to the surface a buried past 30 years. To finally live the great love, Sam must accept to face his demons and reconcile with the girl she was”. It is not yet known who will play Antony, which should have a central place in these new episodes, but recent announcements of casting and have found that the production was looking for young actors to portray Sam and Antoine adolescents, leaving a glimpse of many flashbacks to come. Despite a small drop on the side of the hearings this year (4,03 millions of viewers who had gathered in front of the launch of season 3, compared to 4.71 million of the curious in January 2018 before the first two episodes of season 2), Sam, the French adaptation of the series Danish Rita, likely to a safe value for TF1, which has decided to renew its confidence even before the broadcast of season 3 ended. The trailer for season 3 of Sam, which ends this evening on TF1 : Sam – season 3 trailer VF

Star Wars 9 : J. J. Abrams explains why he recruited the screenwriter of Justice League

During an interview J. J. Abrams is back on his choice of recruit Chris Terrio (“Argo”, “Justice League”) as a co-screenwriter of “Star Wars Episode IX”. D. A. You could describe it as the author decried the Justice League and Batman v. Superman, as the writer oscar-winning Argo. Always is it that Chris Terrio has personally been chosen by J. J. Abrams to co-write with him the script of Star Wars Episode IX, waited at the cinema for the end of the year. A decision fully assumed by the filmmaker, and he has entrusted it to the us site, Fast Company : Because I knew the magnitude of the task, I knew that I would have to find a co-writer to work on this film, but I had no idea which one to choose. So the first thing I did was turn me to an author I have admired for a long time, Chris Terrio, although we did not know. When I asked him to write Star Wars with me, it screamed of joy. I then realized my need to work with someone who would cry for joy at the idea of writing Star Wars. A new eye a clear need to tackle the heavy task of writing the ultimate episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, which should mark the epilogue of the family Skywalker. Star Wars Episode IX, in which the trailer will be revealed this weekend during the Star Wars Celebration, will be released on our screens on December 18.