Star Wars 9 : J. J. Abrams explains why he recruited the screenwriter of Justice League

During an interview J. J. Abrams is back on his choice of recruit Chris Terrio (“Argo”, “Justice League”) as a co-screenwriter of “Star Wars Episode IX”. D. A. You could describe it as the author decried the Justice League and Batman v. Superman, as the writer oscar-winning Argo. Always is it that Chris Terrio has personally been chosen by J. J. Abrams to co-write with him the script of Star Wars Episode IX, waited at the cinema for the end of the year. A decision fully assumed by the filmmaker, and he has entrusted it to the us site, Fast Company : Because I knew the magnitude of the task, I knew that I would have to find a co-writer to work on this film, but I had no idea which one to choose. So the first thing I did was turn me to an author I have admired for a long time, Chris Terrio, although we did not know. When I asked him to write Star Wars with me, it screamed of joy. I then realized my need to work with someone who would cry for joy at the idea of writing Star Wars. A new eye a clear need to tackle the heavy task of writing the ultimate episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, which should mark the epilogue of the family Skywalker. Star Wars Episode IX, in which the trailer will be revealed this weekend during the Star Wars Celebration, will be released on our screens on December 18.